Hi, friends!

I’m starting a post on Fridays called…yep…


It will be:

A short list of random things that inspired, amused or just simply made me smile this week.

GOTTA SMILE in this crazy world!

Hope you’ll enjoy it.

Here we go…

ONE ~  I’m sitting in on this year’s session of Master Gardener classes for review on a few subjects.  You can never know too much, and you’d be surprised how much you can forget in a year.

Take a class. Learn. Grow. Meet new friends.

idaho master gardener class


TWO ~  Love these vintage silverware garden markers on Etsy.

I may or may not have just a few 😉

etsy garden markers

Here are some from another Etsy shop with herbs.

vintage silverware garden markers


THREE ~  I’m a bit obsessed with podcasts and listen to a variety of subjects all the time {business, health, gardening, etc}.  I’ll share more of my favorites in the future.

I’m old fashioned and use my iPod, not my iPhone. Something about being hooked to a phone all the time drives me batty.

The latest podcast #89 by Joe Lamp’l was all about composting. Excellent.

You need compost!

Listen to it!


FOUR ~ I pulled some of my homegrown {summer of 2018} jalapeños out of the freezer and made this recipe on Super Bowl Sunday. I make it every year…my little tradition…delicious!

Try it, you’ll like it 🙂

PS This foodie gal is also named Holly…so hey, we’re good!

grilled jalapeno poppers

Have a good weekend!

I’ll see you next week:)

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