A short list of random things that inspired, amused or just simply made me smile this week.


ONE ~ How You Draw an “X” Reveals a Lot About Your Personality  Wow. Really? I guess I like order and balance 🙂

drawing x


TWO ~ Can you even? What kind of chicken parent would even think of taking a chicken to a store, pet or no pet? Everyday there’s something new to wrap my head around. I just might blow a gasket over this one. Thanks, Robbie, for sending it my way for a good chuckle.

chicken in shopping cart


THREE ~ I love this magazine and I cannot lie. It is indeed inspiring, as the tag line says. Well written articles and beautiful photography. Nuff said. I’ve subscribed. 


Magnolia Journal magazine


FOUR ~ Older son in downtown Seattle took this photo during their Snowmageddon a few days ago. Love this sense of humor!


seattle snowman on car

Have a super duper weekend!

Never Miss A Thing!

Dsc 7892

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