So…here I was thinking that I had another week or two to get the greenhouse fully closed in…

but we procrastinated.

As in we, Mr. Denim.

It’s half your fault…hehe.

DSC 4053

 All we were dealing with was rain…and hey, what do a few cracks matter?

You can talk yourself into almost anything, right?

DSC 4069

 So…Mr. Denim took his sweet time and made me two new benches for the greenhouse…

DSC 4075

 and I took my sweet time painting them…and then threw in some pots too.

Put anything in front of me and I’ll paint it.


Then those two words floating around lately…POLAR VORTEX…were enough to make me scramble.

YIKES…it’s gonna be wickedly cold!

DSC 4100

I have been covering up the plants in the greenhouse for the last two nights…

DSC 4096

just in case it got below 45 in there.

DSC 4094

 But with nights in the teens this week I’m bringing them inside until we get the greenhouse fully finished.

The plant babies need their warmth, after all.

DSC 4108

A real pain…but necessary until this cold breaks…um, like in 10 days.

DSC 4111

Nothing like an unfinished wall to make you do things you wouldn’t normally do.

DSC 4103

The greenhouse is an empty and lonely place for now…

DSC 4105

but the barn is full of green life 🙂

DSC 4088


Stay warm, Gardenistas!