Hi All!

Happy Friday!

Where has summer gone?

I’ve not been a good blogger at all…spending too much time with my plants I guess 😉

I decided to show you what the garden looks like now…

so it’ll be just a few words and mostly photos this time..

Enter please…

The marigolds are still happy and colorful in my herb troughs…

Late planted sunflowers are starting to bloom…

Nasturtiums are fading but still bright…

Bumblebees are everywhere this year!

I’ve never had alyssum so huge!!!

So glad there is still color with nights in the low 40s.

Look at that “Fall-ish” sky!

Oh my…some tomatoes are still green…yikes!  I’ll be covering them up soon.

Virginia creeper reminds me summer is almost over.

Almost missed this double rainbow the other day if a neighbor hadn’t texted and said LOOK!

The garden dogs, Riley & Roxie, taking an afternoon siesta.

We got our first egg yesterday!  The girls are 4 1/2 months old. I heard the clucking and should have gone out to look.  Party time!

Uh maybe I mean skillet breakfasts for dinner soon 🙂 !

And I’ve saved the best for last…

Mr. Moose has been hanging around our pond…looking for a lady friend. 

It’s almost Fall, y’all!

Never Miss A Thing!

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