I’m torn between being in the garden and getting out on the water…you believe that story?

Truth is I ain’t torn at all…just need an excuse…


 so here it is…another weather report for ya.

IMG 3594

And these two red kayaks look awfully forlorn just sitting there…they’re like fish out of water…so off we go…as you’re reading this.

IMG 3576

 Not much been happenin’ in the garden actually…just waiting for all things edible to grow…

 Mr. Denim and I did spend considerable time yesterday {in between my weeding} planning out a new garden gate entry.

Simple puhlease…as in rustic…and nothing ornate. Ever.

IMG 3580

 Hopefully we’ll get to that pretty darn quick.

 My hop vines need more places to meander and loop. Seems they grow 6″ a day.

IMG 3568

 I harvested my two green cabbages…yeehaw!!! I see corned beef and cabbage on the menu this week.

Funny how the regular green cabbage did fine but the Napa Cabbage bolted and I have nothing to show for it. Go figure.  Gardening is always a mystery.

Oh…the girls got to eat the leaves and flowers. I guess they made out OK. Better than I did.

IMG 3613

Now the bed looks bare waiting for the pole beans and zucchini and crookneck to grow.

And something I learned the hard way yesterday while winding twine around the teepees…either build the teepees fully accessible so you can walk around and string…or else have a helper.

It’s just like stringing lights on a Christmas tree.

It was #@*!#&% doing it solo!!  Translation: frustrating.

And don’t look too close. Argh.

IMG 3612

The last window opening was cut in the future greenhouse…FINALLY!  It’s just a hole in the wall right now. Literally.

IMG 3640

PS…pretend you don’t see all the window muntins gone…they were all there once upon a time!

Another lesson learned as far as adhesive. They’ll be back up soon. Of course…that’s Mr. Denim’s lesson learned…hehe.

IMG 3629

I planted hop and Virginia Creeper vines along the west fence panel for shade from hot afternoon sun. Looks kinda messy right now.

 I was hoping that my Napa Cabbage and broccoli planted in the same beds wouldn’t bolt…but they did.

Guess it’s the temperature and not the shade. Lesson learned.

 IMG 3636

I put in the tomato cages…

IMG 3618

and luckily for me they still had bird reflective tape on them from last year.

IMG 3637

OK…over and out for now…the temps are rising…gotta get out on the water and cool myself off.

Good grief…I’ve learned enuf this past week!  I deserve some R & R!

And so do y’all…get your toes in some sand and water…and R.E.L.A.X. for the Fourth of July!

PS…Can you believe it’s July already?!?