Hello all!

First I’ve just gotta show you this pic of my painted toes…{in my boring old Tevas and rolled up jeans}…in the garden.

IMG 7620

You might wonder what the significance is of this…I mean really?!?  So what you say?!?

Well…drum roll puhlease…it’s warm enough here in north Idaho for sandals!!!!  Yeehaw! That means something. It’s a big deal. Really.

IMG 7633

And gussied-up-summer-toes…{should they be blue or green??…I dunno…maybe I’m not totally fashion conscious…oh well}

How fun…um, until they get dirty in this garden. {I should probably explain to all your warm weather gardenistas that when it’s snowing and all you wear are Sorel snow boots then you simply don’t even bother with putting polish on your toes!}

 IMG 7640

OK…ahem…now back to garden business…I spent some time yesterday turning my garden beds over to kill the Austrian peas {they were a winter crop for nitrogen replacement}…

IMG 7635

and then I got antsy after all that hard arm labor. So I decided to plant my Walla Walla sweet onion starts that I bought a couple of weeks ago at a local store.

IMG 7639

I realized that I bought way too many…and only planted half of them…now I need to figure out where the rest should go. Argh.

IMG 7544

One exciting thing…my Meyer lemon tree finally arrived by FedEx!  {Yes…Roman the Garden Dog got his treat from the FedEx man}  Twas a good day for all involved. I quickly planted it in an old pot…which is too small but good enough for now…and it’s starting to blossom in “the future greenhouse”…

IMG 7601

I’ll be MIA for a couple weeks due to family obligations and just plain L-I-F-E stuff.  But also partly to see this view in Seattle again from a favorite restaurant. Ahhhh…fish tacos! Chinook’s I love you!

IMG 0424

But I’ll be anxious to get back to my garden and get the rest of my seedlings in the ground. And to see our resident honkers again. They so make me smile.

Be back soon!

PS  Happy Tax Day.  Not really. Argh. Sorry I mentioned it.