Oh my goodness gardening friends…this post has nothing to do about gardening.

I suppose it should be called THERE’S MORE TO LIFE THAN GARDENING PART DEUX.

But…this post is all about real Idaho when-the-weather-is-sunny-and-over-60-degrees. RULE #1...You must get out and take advantage of it!

Hit your delete button now if you want to see veggies…and weeds…instead. Sorry! Not today!

IMG 0013

Mr. Denim and I joined a kayak club…and Friday was our first paddle of the summer on Lake Pend Oreille {over by Hope for all you map aficionados}. Wahoo!

IMG 0022

There’s nothing like being out on the water…

IMG 0030

Yep, this is me…that’s one happy gal…

IMG 0043

and here too…we all stopped to have a look-see at some petroglyphs two miles out on the peninsula.

 IMG 0060

What can I say…my feet got hot! Dipping in the water is allowed. Kayaking is just too much fun!

Now on to a more serious…but happy…subject…

Photo 1

Remember those three robin eggs in our fake ficus tree?

Photo 3

 They are now three babies with their beaks open for food!

Photo 5

Can’t wait to see them grow!

Happy Weekend to y’all! {and I’m not even from the South!}