Well, hello hello hello…after two weeks!

Sheesh….time flew…because I was having “fun” with other necessary to-dos…but now that January is soon over I can totally focus on this here lil’ blog.

I planted a few seeds on January 1…a silly New Year’s Day ritual of mine to celebrate that Spring’s coming…

sometime soon…

and to banish any form of cabin fever that might be starting 😉


Since the cool season {romaine, broccoli} seedings are grown enough to transplant into the greenhouse and can handle the cooler temps, it hit me that they probably don’t have enough daylight to keep them very happy…at least for the next few months.

greenhouse trough

We quickly rigged some basic fluorescent shop lights above the troughs.

But it just looked tacky. Am I right?

So I went to YouTube and found a perfect DIY PVC pipe light stand.

I found it here and changed the dimensions slightly.

Oh…and painted it…yep, that’s me.

Gotta be somewhat cute.

So here’s your material list for one stand for a 4′ shop light:

Two – 10′ PVC pipes {1″ diameter}

  • two cut at  51 1/2 “
  • two cut at 24″
  • four cut at 9 1/2″

Four – L joints

Two – T joints

Two – caps

Four – 1″ S links

{eyebolts not necessary unless you do what we did}

Mr. Denim used a ratcheting PVC pipe cutter to cut the pipes, but you can also use a hand saw.

This stand is just like a puzzle…slip all the pieces together and voila.

Way too easy…and parts only cost about $15.

This is when gardening is F.U.N.!!!

This would be a simple stand for indoor grow lights also.

And very easy to disassemble when not needed.

You can easily see how to put it all together in these pics.

We used some old chain to hang the light and drilled two holes straight through to add two 1 1/2″ eyebolts with nuts.

You could just as easily wrap the chain around the pipe.

Maybe we get too complicated sometimes 🙂

And you know me…I had to spray paint it ’cause I didn’t like the white. I’m silly that way.

It works really well!

No tipping…and very sturdy.

clip hanger

But then, ya know, something can always be improved.

After a few days of using it, looking at the seedlings, holding up the light…

I had issues with the chain being hard to move up and down easily.

So I found these on Amazon.

clip hanger

And I love them.

clip hanger

It’s a great little set up for a few months!

I feel good about this little experiment.

One down and two more to go!

And Roxie says it’s time for her afternoon nap!

She was my helper!

Have a good weekend!  I’ll see you next week!

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