Hey all!

Not much to report with the garden sleeping under snow right now.

Oh yawn!

IMG_6577.jpg IMG_6577.jpg

We’ve been alternating between snow and rain…

IMG_6579.jpg IMG_6579.jpg

 but not a lot of snow is melting!

IMG_6557.jpg IMG_6557.jpg

 Something caught my eye this morning…

IMG_6561.jpg IMG_6561.jpg

 up high on the corner of the fence.

IMG_6568.jpg IMG_6568.jpg

 The 2 year-old bluebird nest laced with snow…

IMG_6572.jpg IMG_6572.jpg

 usually hidden in hop vines.


IMG_6553.jpg IMG_6553.jpg

My 17 day-old seedlings {yes they’ve been transplanted already!} are thriving…

IMG_6554.JPG IMG_6554.JPG

happy under 16 hours/day of grow lights.

Yep I know…fake sun.

Whatever it takes.

IMG_6555.jpg IMG_6555.jpg

The herbs are taking way longer to grow tho.

IMG_6556.JPG IMG_6556.JPG

And I noticed that some of the new leaves are yellowing but the veins are staying green.

Had to look it up…seems I need to feed them nitrogen and/or manganese.

Translation: blood meal and/or kelp.

I’ll do both.

IMG_6575.jpg IMG_6575.jpg

In the meantime they’re warm and a cozy inside while this is outside.

Y’all stay warm too!