So…when we last left the garlic it was was drying like this…and I was impatiently threatening to braid them. After all, how hard can it be?

I said that last year too. But I waited too long then and the stalks were hard and dry so braiding wouldn’t work.

My attempt failed…see here.

IMG 3911

 Every season is a new beginning, right? I searched high and low on the internet for instructions and I found these.

So I told myself…again…how hard can it be?

IMG 3917

 Pretty good start, right?

IMG 3919

Then it went downhill from there {I even had my purchased braid out to try to copy}…ugh.

I must be a total klutz.

IMG 3920

 Not even close.

IMG 3934

 Poor pathetic thing hanging up in the unfinished greenhouse.

IMG 3955

 But lo and behold…at the grocery store a few days ago…I found this one!

IMG 3957

 No braids…all the stalks tired together with twine.  Much easier! I think I can do that!

DSC 0535

Here’s the purchased one…and mine.

I would have taken pics as I was making it but I needed three hands to do that.

DSC 0539

And here are the three of ‘em.

DSC 0542

But I didn’t like that long stalk on the left one so I shortened it.

In a few weeks I’ll spray the dirt off.

Mine aren’t exactly chic and Pottery Barn-ish…but they’ll do…this year.

IMG 1982

PS…save some of your best garlic heads with the biggest cloves for planting in October for next year’s harvest.

And ya know what…I FORGOT! Now I’ll have to cut some out of my faux braids.