Oh my…I “digitally detoxed” for a bit of real world life…and here it is 30 days later.  Whew.  Would it be blogger blasphemy to say I sorta enjoyed it?

 I have so many random photos from the last month that I’ve just gotta share some now.  I won’t write much this time…but lots of pics. And not necessarily about gardening…sorry!

DSC 9001

I “rescued” a baby turtle…actually I almost stepped on him on our driveway…he was heading to the pond.  How do turtles know where water is?  It’s amazing.  The pond was at least 100’ from where he was.

DSC 8996

Look at his beautiful underside.

DSC 9008

Bye bye now…push…there ya go into the pond’s edge.

DSC 9015

 Hope to see you again when you’ve grown up. You have a cute tail!

DSC 9042

Roman the Garden Dog watches everything. Nothing gets by him. Altho he looks a tad sleepy here.

DSC 0029

My neighbor Queen of Birds sent me this pic of her holding her feeder and a friendly hummingbird sitting on her finger!  WOWSA!

 IMG 7872

Nothing like putting chairs against a warm west wall after a late afternoon rain has passed…and enjoying a glass of wine.  After a long day in the garden, of course!

IMG 7910

The “greenhouse” is slowly coming along. Slowly. Do ya think I like color?  Who woulda guessed.

IMG 7927

Planting asparagus.  I’ll have to learn to be patient…for like 3 years!

IMG 7945

The marina at Dover Bay.  No boats yet out of storage…and no covers…but hey it makes me smile.

IMG 7948

The first farmer’s market in Sandpoint was two weeks ago.  A bit chilly but fun nonetheless.

DSC 8972

Another first…the first mow of the year!  Roman always supervises.

IMG 7978

Until he overheats…then he knows where to cool off.  Mr. Denim always says his overheat light goes on a lot. He’s got a lot of German shepherd hair.

DSC 8919

See that fuzzy little yellow thingy to the right?  That’s a baby gosling…one day old!

DSC 8910

There she/he is swimming in the pond between her/his parents.  Mom & Dad had their nest on a stump in the marsh at the edge of the pond.

I think they have more goslings ‘cause they had quite a few eggs. I’m sure we’ll see them all soon.

DSC 8950

The girls look like they’re in jail…but they’re just fine in their big yard.  Those really are happy faces.

They enjoy making me feel guilty ‘cause they want their favorite treat…mealworm. They don’t love me…they love their treats!

DSC 8978

My moose weathervane has been working overtime lately…very windy here for a couple of weeks.

DSC 8981

My moose wind chime sounds delightful with the wind.

IMG 8054

And this moose is waiting patiently for a few herbs in his space.

IMG 8064

They’re all still inside…waiting for night temps to get over 40.  Argh…when will Spring warm up?


I’m thinking it’s time to plant this week.  Tonight’s the last night in the 30s.

Can’t wait to show you garden pics soon!