Not me…..I have seven of ‘em. Each with two legs, feathers and beaks.

DSC 8517

My compost bins haven’t been the same since these cuties moved in last Spring.

Photo 1

They get all my past-their-prime store veggies…..and in the summer they’ll get my garden oldies.

DSC 8377

But for now they get the ones I’ve forgotten about in the fridge.

DSC 8379

Or been too lazy to use {I know, shame on me}

DSC 8363

The girls love broccoli stalks, celery, carrots, brussels sprouts, zucchini, carrots, spinach and on and on… think they would weigh 400 lbs each the way they eat.

DSC 8369

You go girls… up.

DSC 8475

 Since I want their eggs to be free range and organic…..the ONLY feed the girls get is from Scratch and Peck.  It’s Non-GMO, corn and soy free {these are usually always GMO nowadays) and antibiotic and hormone free. Whew…..that’s a mouthful. It’s the Cadillac of feed but so worth it.

DSC 8648

They’re gonna live to 100 with all this organic food. Yikes. Chickens with wrinkles? We’ll see.

In this video you can see Lovey trying to steal some food from another girl!

PS….for all you chicken aficionados out there… NOT feed your girls these foods {reasons why are worthy of another post}:


white potatoes

tomato, rhubarb or eggplant leaves

apple seeds

raw dried beans


chocolate/caffeine {duh}

tea bags

alcohol {double duh}

LIMIT these:



spinach {yeah, I know I have it in my hand above!}

iceberg lettuce {little nutritional value}

white rice/pasta/bread {ditto}

yogurt/milk/cheese (can give them diarrhea}